Discover discussion starters for Before the Ever After by Jaqueline Woodson, our January 2021 Middle Grade Book Club pick! Check our website and social media accounts for updates.

How is this book written? What is interesting about the structure?

Who are ZJ’s friends?

What are three words to describe ZJ’s dad?

What begins to happen to ZJ’s dad as we progress through this section?

What is a symptom of what is happening to ZJ’s dad?

What is ZJ’s talent?

What do your think ZJ’s dad is suffering from? Why?

What is new about this section?

What is a memory that ZJ thinks about?

What happens to ZJ as the story moves forward?

How does ZJ describe the people who his family invites to the party?

What happens at the pickup game?

How does ZJ grow over the story?

What themes have you noticed throughout the story?

Which theme in the story relates most to you?

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