Discover discussion starters for Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, our January 2021 Young Adult Book Club pick! Check our website and social media accounts for updates.

Describe the Brunjx community.

In which way did Yadriel getting the portaje (dagger) from his cousin symbolize more than it was?

What role does Yadriel’s father, Enrique, play? How does his role as the leader of the Brunjx community have an impact on his role as Yadriel’s father?

What is your first impression of Tio Cartiz? What about Julian?

Why didn’t Yadriel want to take Julian to school with him? And who is Lisa?

What was Julian’s reaction to the things Martitza’s friends said about him?

What about when Julian thought that Yadriel was going to out him to his loved ones? Compare and contrast the two.

What did Julian do to Yadriel’s yearbook photo? What does it tell us about his character?

Why does Julian think that Yadriel shouldn’t have to prove that he’s a Brujo to his community?

What was the important lesson that Luca’s story/background had?

In which ways were Yadriel and Tio Cartiz both not considered real Brujo?

After realizing that Julian needs to be released, how do they celebrate his life? How does it force Yadriel’s shell to break?

When Yadriel “proves” to his father that is truly a Brujo, what are their reactions?

What are five words you would use to describe Cemetery Boys?

Do you believe that Tio Cartizs’ crimes were in any way justified? Can you relate to him at all?

Which theme in this story relates most to you?

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